About Us

Culture is an unusual term – it has no single definition, but is widely used.

Just like there are many definitions, there are many variations. Everyone has a culture, whether they know it or not. We take this to be everything from occupation, geographical heritage, language, religious practices and the way you brew your tea.

 Chai Chai sets out to tackle challenges to intercultural relations, aiming to make cultures accessible. At our core, we believe there should be no cultural barriers in the community. We’d like to see people connect to others, and create their own cultures.

 Connection is a big part of our vision. We take this to mean that in a responsible global community, we should take an interest in the wellbeing of our community members. This is equally true on a local and global scale. To do this, we run projects promoting stronger community locally, and helping out the disadvantaged globally.

We know that most people want their donations to go direct to helping others, and not to covering admin costs. This is why Chai Chai runs as a social enterprise, a not-for-profit organisation which earns its upkeep by our enterprise wing activities.

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